Using cultural activity for effective impactful cross-cutting initiatives

Cross cutting initiatives

DELVE’s “Resilience and Prosperity through Culture:  a Harlow case study” outlines eight initiatives designed to involve communities and businesses in creating significant impact across the key agendas of health and wellbeing, education and life-long learning, green space and the environment, local economic development and the creative economy.

With a focus on vision and ambition, the initiatives offer new models, processes and approaches for creating enhanced resilience and prosperity in neighbourhoods and across the district as a whole, by linking the five themes and providing a signpost to the future direction for the role of culture in action in Harlow. They are intended to offer a strategic approach to positioning Harlow as an exemplar, leading the development of good practice from which others take inspiration and learning.

DELVE’s publication outlines eight initiatives in brief, with one of these further detailed to demonstrate practical application.   Each initiative includes potential Harlow ‘real-world’ partnerships and stakeholders who could develop, co-produce and implement the initiatives as well as making connections to national stakeholders and partners.   The detailed initiative includes budget implications and timeline from development to completion to show the scale and ambition of the strategic approach identified through the research.

Potential partners include named community groups, residents associations, voluntary organisations, charities, faith groups, social enterprises, private businesses, public institutions and local authority departments. Each initiative includes some regional/national and international exemplars addressing similar issues and themes as a starting point for finding out more about projects dealing with similar issues (albeit in a different context).

The eight initiatives are:

  • Upcycling the Cycle Paths
  • Harvesting the Green
  • Green Wedge Learning
  • Playable Town
  • Hospital: Health: Heritage
  • Leading Edge: Technology Futures
  • Untapped Treasures: New Town Legacy
  • Little Ideas; Big Data

Coming next:  more on the eight initiatives revealed in “Resilience and Prosperity through Culture:  Harlow ” launched as a pdf on July 26 2017.




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