New publication coming this month: ‘Resilience and Prosperity through Culture: Harlow’

Coming this month:  

DELVE is publishing “Resilience and Prosperity through Culture:  Harlow“, the result of an action research and analysis project in the UK’s first designated New Town.

Using performative gaming processes from the creative sector along with formal spatial and urban design analysis and tactical urbanism methodologies, DELVE moved beyond community consultation to quantify assets, reveal attitudes, expose behaviours, express aspirations and uncover potential.   Directors, Sarah Spanton and Richard Sobey identified core opportunities and relationships across the town to develop a series of cross-cutting strategic initiatives addressing five key themes:

  • health and wellbeing
  • education and life-long learning
  • green space and the environment
  • local economic development
  • creative economy

Defining ‘assets’:   

DELVE’s “Resilience and Prosperity through Culture:  Harlow “ capitalises on its specific understanding of ‘assets’.   DELVE perceives assets in the broadest terms, considering the residents, history, architecture, industry, skills, character, public realm, private and social businesses, public institutions, the town vision etc.

We believe these assets can with imagination and innovation be harnessed to more effective and positive use, to make a place more active and engaged in civic society, to squeeze the value from all opportunities, so that places can thrive in all dimensions (economic, social and environmental) becoming more resilient and positive places in which to work, live and play.

DELVE identified eight key assets in Harlow:

  • It is the birthplace of fibre optics communications
  • The heritage of new town planning
  • The number of cycle paths and the cycle museum
  • The walkability of the town centre
  • The heritage of the public health sector
  • The abundance and variety of public green spaces/infrastructure at a range of scales
  • Its ambition for innovation and technology development
  • Its potential to be an incubator for sustainable living technologies

Find out more in DELVE’s downloadable PDF coming July 26 2017.


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