QR codes, Gibberd’s Land Use Analysis, and Harlow’s 70th Anniversary

Following DELVE’s action research and Place Markers mapping lab in Harlow, Co-Director Richard Sobey has created an artwork that draws on creative conversations during the mapping lab’s performative games and on Frederick Gibberd’s 1952 Masterplan for the New Town.

The mixed media gallery work with found objects & virtual content can be seen at Parndon Mill Gallery, Harlow; part of Harlow’s 70th anniversary celebrations, until August 6 2017.

20170702_135213 sml - amended 600

Reimagining Gibberd’s original Land Use Analysis as an analysis of residents’ time spent on a variety of daily tasks, the work plays with the way the detail of daily life impacts on planning decisions.

By utilising QR codes, specific statistical references are connected to original statements captured during interviews with residents about what they value and how they spend time in Harlow.   This community engagement and asset mapping work has fed both the creation of this art work as well as the development of DELVE’s publication ‘Resilience and Prosperity through Culture, Harlow’ due for publication later this month.

DELVE supports the development of vibrant sustainable places where people can thrive and draws on both creative and formal planning techniques to discover unusual connections between people, place and prosperity.

Image credit: DELVE (Richard Sobey)

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